ARTICLE I



The name of this organization shall be the CROSSROADS OF TEXAS LIVING HISTORY ASSOCIATION or COTLHA.

                                                                                                  ARTICLE II



Section I.  The purposes of this organization are: A.  To promote a better understanding by the public of our country’s history;  B. To authentically recreate America’s civil and military past; and C. To encourage research on topics of historical interest.


Section 2.  Individual members contribute toward attaining these goals by cooperation, study and by reaching their own potential in terms of authentic clothing and equipment.





Section 1.  COTLHA is open to any person without regard to race, creed, color, or gender, with the desire to participate, the intention of acquiring the necessary clothing and equipment, and the desire to make a positive contribution to the organization as a member.


Section 2.  The Executive Board via majority vote determines membership in COTLHA.


Section 3.  Full voting membership may be awarded to the applicant who has:  a) paid the annual dues, b) is active with the organization, c) has acquired, or is acquiring, his/her kit and, d) has the intention to participate with COTLHA in the future.

 Potential voting members must attend two COTLHA activities and be recommended by two (2) members in good standing who vouch for their meeting membership requirements.  .  The Executive Board shall then submit the application form to the Secretary for review.


Section 4.  A person becomes an associate member by paying the current year’s dues, and enjoys all right and privileges of voting members, with the exception of voting rights.  The Executive Board may grant full voting membership after meeting membership requirements.


Section 5.  After a proper hearing by the Executive Board, a member may be recommended for removal from COTLHA membership for failure to satisfy the criteria established in BY-LAWS ARTICLE II and II.   A member may only be removed from COTLHA by a 2/3 majority of the membership.  With this loss of membership, all rights and privileges in COTLHA are lost, including, but not limited to, the forfeiture of any dues paid, other fees, and COTLHA assets.


Section 6.  Dues are proposed by the executive Board annually with approval of membership at the annual meeting, and are payable by, or at, the annual membership meeting to maintain full voting privileges. .  For new members only, joining after January 31st, the dues will be reduced by one dollar ($1.00) for each month passing, with a minimum amount being five dollars ($5.00). 





Section 1.  Each member’s clothing and equipment, at COTLHA sponsored events, must be authentic and conform to COTLHA standards (see appendix).  The Authenticity Committee, at each event, will review and pass on all items used.





Section 1At the annual meeting   each year, officers will be elected.  Any full voting members of COTLHA are   entitled to vote and run for office.  Individuals may not hold more than one elective office and/or committee chairmanship.


Section 2.  Any officer can be removed from office by a 2/3-majority vote of the membership.  Any five voting members can petition the Executive Board to hold a special election.  A special election would then be scheduled to consider replacing him/her.  The presiding officer may appoint an interim successor to the removed or resigned officer.


Section 3.  OFFICERS:

A.     President:  The president shall represent COTLHA to outside entities and preside at all group meetings.  He/she must, along with the treasurer, authorize the expenditures of all group funds.  The president will decide on any policies not specifically covered by the BY-LAWS, subject to vote of confirmation.  The president will only vote on organization matters in case of a tie.  He/she shall be advised by the Executive Board and be an ex-officio member of all committees.


B.     Secretary:  The secretary shall handle all external correspondence and paperwork necessary to the proper operation of COTLHA.  He will preside at any meeting in absence of the president.  He will maintain a file of all organizational documents, which will be open to inspection by any full member.  He shall be responsible for minutes taken at all meetings.  The president and secretary will review all external correspondence sent out in the organization’s name.


C.     Treasurer:  The treasurer has sole charge of COTLHA’s funds and will maintain a current account of said funds, open to inspection by any full member.  Together with the president, the treasurer will authorize any expenditure of group funds.


D.     Quartermaster:  The quartermaster will maintain a reference file of current sources of supply for kid items and maintain patterns of uniforms and equipment when available.  He will be responsible for the care and availability of any organizational property.  Damage to group property, or property entrusted to COTLHA, will be paid for by the person (s) responsible.  The quartermaster will assess any such damage charges.






Section 1.  The event coordinators shall appoint a ranking military commander of the lowest appropriate rank to command the different impression commands.  The overall commander shall outrank all impression commanders.  As most COTLHA impressions are striving to recreate a military unit, all orders of the commander and/or NCOs shall be promptly and completely obeyed.  Should a commissioned rank and NCO staff be warranted, the event coordinators shall also appoint it.


Section 2.  The individual impressions shall have eight (8) or more men to warrant an impression commander.  The men doing this impression at that event shall elect this commander.  The commander of each impression shall be of NCO rank until those impressions can consistently field twenty (20) soldiers.  At that time, the impression commander may propose to event coordinators the establishment of the appropriate rank and commensurate NCO staff.  All impression commanders will be under the authority of COTLHA’s military commander,


Section 3.  Impressions may utilize commissioned officer portrayals from time to time as   the particular event demands it.


Section 4.  All COTLHA officers of either administrative or military standing shall always act in the best interest of COTLHA when representing the organization.  They are further expected to set an example for the rest of the members in authenticity, attendance, and cooperation for the common good and conduct.





Section 1.  The Executive Board between general membership meetings shall handle the business of COTLHA.  There shall be one (1) general membership meeting per year.


Section 2.  The Board shall consist of all Administrative Officers.  The President of COTLHA shall be the Chairman of the Board; he shall cast a vote only to break a tie vote.


Section 3.  All business matters will be handled by the Board with the following exceptions: a) loss of membership, b) amendments to the BY-LAWS, and c) items deemed necessary by the Board.


Section 3b.  All business may be disposed of by the following methods at the discretion of the -President:  a) calling special Board or General meetings, b) mail ballets, and c) telephone pools.


Section 3c.  A reasonable effort shall be extended to inform all Board members of any action taken.


Section 3d.  The Board is accountable to the membership for all actions taken.  A written request by three members to the Board shall bring any Board action before the general membership for review.


Section 3e.  The general membership shall be kept informed in the COTLHA newsletter (COURIER) and on its web site of all actions taken by the Board.





Section 1.  Authenticity Committee: the board of directors shall appoint this committee.  They shall formulate guidelines and approve both sources of supply and all items used in various impressions. .


Section 2.  Events Committee:  This committee is charged with planning and organizing COTLHA events.  The committee shall be composed of COTLHA event coordinators   appointed annually.  This committee shall not commit COTLHA to any event without prior approval of the membership.





Section 1.  All meetings will be conducted under Robert’s Rules of Order.


Section 2.  With the exception of the BY-LAWS Amendments, member expulsion and officer removal, all issues brought up for vote or confirmation vote will be decided by simple majority vote of those present and/or voting.


Section 3.  A quorum shall consist of all present at the annual membership meeting.


Section 4.  Any three members can petition the Executive Board for a business meeting.  The secretary will schedule a meeting within six (6) weeks and notify each member at least four (4) weeks in advance.


Section 5.  A 2/3-majority vote of membership shall be required to approve or amend BY-LAWS.


Section 6.  Voting proxies must be in writing and signed to be valid.


Section 7.  Balloting by mail will be permitted when circumstances prevent the membership from holding a proper meeting.  The Executive Board shall deem when the mail ballet will be used.


Section 8.  If a full member cannot attend a meeting and chooses not to send in a proxy vote, he will not be included in the count for figuring a 2/3 majority for voting purposes.





If this organization deems it necessary to dissolve, then all organizational assets and monies shall be donated to a non-profit, historical organization, which shall be decided by the board.




Personal Checklist


Things to leave home

Wrist watches

Heavy bead work

Belt loops


Obvious, non-period accoutrements (Civil war belt, Military belt and box plates, Texas stars)

Sunglasses (unless you have syphilis)

Obvious elastic


Things to consider while here

Cover inauthentic items in camp

Strive for period eyewear where possible

Minimum camp furniture

Avoid taking on a persona that has not been assigned to you

Avoid using cigarettes and lighters in front of the public (if you use them, PICK THEM UP)

Interaction between Mexican and Texian camps

Avoid profanity (you never know whose listening)

Be accurate when interacting with the public (if you don’t know, say so)



Presidio La Bahia

Gonzales Pioneer Village

Texas Folklife Festival 

date to be determined

You can place news, pictures or advertisements here.