Release of Liability - Texas Parks and Wildlife
I, _________________________(print name), understand and agree with the following statements. 
1. Reenacting and Living History is by its very nature a potentially hazardous hobby that I voluntarily engage in at my own volition.
2. Reenacting requires that I cross rough terrain in all types of weather and may result in injury or death if safety rules are not followed. 
3. I will be using, or in close proximity to, firearms, destructive devices, explosives and/or period vehicles and equipment that are potentially lethal and may result in permanent hearing impairment to me if I do not follow the safety rules.
4. Pre-existing health problems that may adversely affect me during public events are my sole responsibility.
5. Unsafe or negligent actions on my part that result in injury or death to another participant are my sole responsibility.
6. I will follow the rules of the Presidio LaBahia and Texas Parks and Wildlife Department at all times.
7. I will police the area that I am using and pick up all litter and equipment before leaving.
8. I have read the Safety Rules and agree to abide by those regulations. 
I agree to hold the Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept. free of any liability arising from injury and/or death to myself, or damage to my personal property or vehicles. 
Signature:_____________________________________________     Date:________________________                             (or Guardian/Parent)
Printed Name and Mailing address: _______________________________________________________